Welcome to my little shop. Over the years I gathered a considerable amount of Big Big Train items. It’s very tempting to buy all Big Big Train items I come across but I can’t preserve them all so this is the place were I sell items from my own private collection. I hope there is something here that you like.

I made three main categories: New, Used and Collectable.

  • New will contain items that are new indeed or really as good as new. These items will show minor signs of usage.
  • Used will contain items that have signs of usage and might have minor damage but are still fully functional.
  • Collectable will contain items that are rare, special or hard to find in a good condition.

Selecting multiple items in one order may result in overcharging for shipping costs.

You can be sure that I will always charge the actual shipping costs and any overcharging that may occur will be refunded to you.

If there is an item or part that you are looking for and it is not listed here then please ask me. There will be a good chance that I can help you.

You could also make me an offer on an item if you think the listed price is too high. We might come to an agreement.