Welcome to this site which is dedicated to the Rovex Tri-ang Big Big Train model range.
This site provides information about the Big Big Train Model range and attempts to be a platform for Big Big Train enthusiasts.

One of the reasons to build this site is curiosity. I wondered how many people were out there having the same Big Big Train virus that I have.
I thought it would be nice to have a site where these enthusiasts could share information, pictures, ideas, memories, sell or trade collection items etc.
Because such a dedicated site did not exist I decided to try building it myself.

This site will not be an attempt to be the source of Big Big Train wisdom. I will try to share as much information as possible and show pictures of the items I gathered throughout the years.

Maybe this site will be a starting point for Big Big Train collectors so that is why I will also try to set up a forum on this site. This forum could be a place to share information and ideas. If there are enough enthousiasts out there then it might work. I think it’s worth to try so if you are interested then register and participate!

Setting up this site was done with several ideas in mind but they will not be implemented all at once or maybe some will not be implemented at all. Therefore I am very curious to know what you think about the site and what you would like to see improved or added.
Please give me your feedback. It is much appreciated.

Although I never had the pleasure to meet them I think two persons need to be mentioned here:

The first person is mr. Dave McCarthy. He has set up the most extensive site about Big Big Train and I thank him for that.
When searching for Big Big Train his website http://bigbigtrain.org.uk was the first I came across that offered a huge amount of information. This got me very interested in these toys and started my collection.
By today’s standards Dave McCarthy’s site is a bit old fashioned but it is still a very impressive source of information on Big Big Train.
I tip my hat to him.

The second person is mr. Pat Hammond. He is an author, researcher, collector and has written The Story of Rovex, three extensive volumes about Rovex and Tri-ang Hornby. It is amazing to see the most detailed descriptions of models in his books.  The second volume of The Story of Rovex covers the years 1965 to 1971 and includes several pages with detailed information about Big Big Train. Although it seems strange to buy a book just for a few pages on Big Big Train I was very happy when I could lay my hands on a copy of the second volume.
Mr. Pat Hammond must be an amazing man.

I thank you for visiting my site and I hope you enjoy it.


PS: If you would read the privacy-policy for this site you can find it here