Unpacking a brand new Big Big Train Side Tipping Wagon RV273

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Recently I came across a lot of Big Big Train items that came straight out of the old stock of a toy store. Needless to say that there were some very interesting items and I was lucky to acquire the lot.

The toy shop was closed a long time ago but luckily the owners were not used to throw away stuff. A lot of items in that lot are very rare because they are still in the retail package. A lot of boxed items had never been opened for decades. Packaging was somewhat of an issue during the years that The Big Big Train was produced. I will elaborate on that in another post in the near future because it is interesting enough for collectors.

For now I would like to show here how the rolling stock was packed by sharing some pictures of unpacking a brand new Side Tipping Wagon from that old stock.

First of all the box:

Unpack Side Tipper RV273 1


This is an early boxed item. The Big Big Train logo is still the old school version with the double lines and the traditional font. Notice that the item is printed on the box. This box is unique for this type of rolling stock.

So we continue to unpack:

Unpack Side Tipper RV273

Unpack Side Tipper RV273









On the flap I noticed the letters T and B together as T.B. The meaning of this is not clear to me. Maybe someone who reads this knows what they mean. I can only guess.

Let’s continue with opening the box. The first thing we see next is a piece of tissue paper, yellow of course 🙂 which is used to protect the wagon.

Unpack Side Tipper RV273


When removing the yellow tissue paper we see the little cardboard roll which protects the coupling by covering it.

Unpack Side Tipper RV273


Unpack Side Tipper RV273




Of course the other side of the wagon also has the tissue paper and the cardboard roll. So some forty years ago this is how you would unpack a side tipping wagon that you just bought at your local toy store.

Items like this are hard to find nowadays. I am glad that I found some and that I am able to show them here.




Unpack Side Tipper RV273

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