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    Hi there,

    I came across a Lumber Camp set on Ebay. The inlay was missing but all the items were there.

    The cover of the box was a bit worn. Corners blown out and such but the top with the artwork was pretty nice.

    I decided to make an offer and won the auction 🙂

    Lumber Camp cover

    I also did a restoration on this box. My first actually. It turned out very well at least I am very happy with the result.

    Maybe I will create a new post about this later this month.




    Hi Dave,

    Nice set! From the pictures on the box, it looks as if there might have been a toy car included: was there?

    Regards, Mike, Adelaide.


    Hi Mike,

    I think a car was never included in any Big Big Train set but I will check in the Rovex-Triang history book.

    For display I used some Jaguar e-type 1:43 models. Iconic cars I think.

    Pictures are in the wagons gallery I think.

    Cheers, Dave



    Hi – there is a variation of the Big Big Roller set – special edition… Instead of a Steam Roller, there is a Crash Service Land Rover on the flat bed tray,,,

    There’s one for sale on eBay currently,,,



    Big Big Roller Set with Land Rover

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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