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Hi Dave,

Good question: I was focused very-much on the mechanics of making the whole display work for 3 days. Feedback from the crowd was really positive: most kids who visited the display enjoyed it a lot, because they could set the signals, stop the trains and start them again, raise and lower the level-crossing barriers. A lot of layouts at the show were strictly ‘hands off”, so mine was a nice change for the kids and parents and I encouraged touching and playing. On the outside loop, I had bogie-wagons carrying lollies (sweets) and instructions how to stop the train, take a sweet and re-start the train, so that was popular. Surprisingly, the bells on the stations were hardly touched – even though I showed the kids how to make noise with them! A number of older guys told me that they remembered Big-Big and were interested to know what became of it. A few people told me that they had some, but they had never before seen such a big layout. About four times I was asked where to buy it – I referred them to your web site, eBay and Vincent Tuinder. A lot of times people asked me what gauge it was: I took it for granted that people would know it was 0-gauge, but in South Australia the popular gauges are N, HO and Gauge 1 (or G-Gauge – for Garden Gauge). 0-gauge is popular in some of the States in Australia, but not all. So: all-in-all, really good responses from the crowd. And I enjoyed it too :-).

Regards, Mike.