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I learned a lot showing a layout for three days. I had the three ovals plus I had two tracks with trains running back-and-forth using reversing switches. The first thing I learned is just how long the batteries last – remarkably, a set of batteries typically lasted for 8-10 hours. I thought I would be changing batteries hourly, but not at all. The batteries were inexpensive ones as well – $1 each (in Australian dollars). Next the importance of lubricating the rolling stock. I used Pecolube on the wagon wheels and locomotive motors, and Labelle 106 for the coach wheels and the locomotive wheels and gears. I needed to re-lubricate the locomotives after about 10 hours of running. I found that the reversing switches only worked reliably on my 0-6-0 tanks; the Hymeks and 0-4-0’s often missed the reversing switches and ran-on. I think the reason is because the reversing switches warp outwards with time, so they probably need supporting to keep them truly vertical to operate the Hymek and 0-4-0 reversing switches. Reversing the 0-6-0’s ongoing for 3 days was punishing for them, and there was wheel wear (evident because of a lot of red dust where they were reversing). The barrel loaders were quite unreliable with the bogie wagons, because the bogie wagons have lower sides than do the normal, 4-wheel wagons so the contact time with the trigger is less. Also, any train at speed through the barrel loader rendered it very unreliable, so I needed low-speed trains to be sure of success. I also used some of my clockwork Hornby 0-gauge engines and they ran really smoothly on the plastic track. Great fun. Also very tiring!