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Hi John,

Welcome to the forum. Great to hear that you run your trains at a local O gauge club. Must be nice to see them run on a large layout. I also played with the idea to convert one or two locos to RC control. I think the Deltang system is very nice and suitable for this. It can do lighting and even sound! One control unit can control several loco’s. Here’s a good video about this but there are lot more to find on Youtube:


I bought a receiver and transmitter but I haven’t had the time and courage to convert a loco yet. Plan is to convert a RV262 steam loco. The only thing missing is a good fitting battery pack.

There are several websites about the Deltang system. I think this one is providing lots of info: http://www.rctrains.co.uk

When I will do my conversion to RC then I will post about it definitely.

All the best and have fun with your RC Big Big models!