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Hi Folks

Some time since I last looked on here. I am glad to see some others thinking about radio control.

I have upgraded my system and now feel I know a lot more than I did when writing my first post. So I will update the post now. First you need to rewire to get 4.8 volts with rechargeable batteries or 6 volts with dry cells. this is easy. On the Blue Flyer the standard wiring gives two + wires at the cab ends and two – wires at the center. You need to link the + wire from one set to the – wire of the other set and then the two wires left are the 4.8/6 volts for the RC system.

I used two systems after the using the toy car systems. None of them stand out has the best they all work very well but some look better.

I started with a Flysky set up all from ebay. I used a Flysky FS-GT2E handset (£28) with a Flysky FS-GR3E receiver (£8) and any brushed ESC (electronic speed controller) (£7).

I put receivers and ESC in six different engines and they all worked very well from a crawl to full speed forwards and backwards.

I tried a train radio control system from Fosworks using a Omni TX2.0 handset (£64) and Omni receiver (£27) and the ebay ESC (£7) and this works just has well has the Flysky system but looks better and you do not use a trigger to control the train the Omni system uses a rotating knob to set the speed.

All three systems :- toy car, Flysky and Omni work well it is just up to you what you want to spend.