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Not really a conversion …

Here is a rough model of a smaller model Ruston that I threw together so that the toddler would have something other than historic trains to break.

Mixed traffic on Lima and Big Big track

I did not manage to make it low enough to match the carriages but it will be a few years before she gets to play with them so she won’t notice.

The engine has a Big Big Train coupler on one end. The other has a rotating magnet so it can pull Brio-style wooden trains.

It uses two cheap “yellow” motors actually it is the gearbox that is yellow. They cost about $3.00 each. I think that they are sold for people making small robots. I run them at 3V which gives a reasonable speed or an O-gauge train. However it is faster than I would like when it is hauling trains on wooden track. The electric “Thomas” engines are painfully slow but that gives plenty of time for a baby to reach out to start or stop the train. My engine is too high and too fast for her at the moment.

The duplo block cars variously have duplo train hooks, fixed magnets or slots for Big Big couplers, rotating magnets or plarail drawbars.

The photo is staged for release of my Lima to OS track adapter I finished today. The carriage and my Lima points and track section will soon be packed away for another few years. Well maybe the carriages will come out if ever nostalgic adult friends come to visit.

Meanwhile she can play with the new shunter and the block wagons and run them on the floor or on her wood or plastic track.

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