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Richard S


The pattern on the real seats replicates across about 7 times whereas mine about 5, but I’m not getting too worried about it as the model seats are so small and having the pattern slightly larger probably makes it a little more visible.

First though the seats got a coat of undercoat before getting sprayed white.

Then the sheet of decal paper was cut to shape and attached.

The head and arm rests were painted with Humbrol 104 blue paint and the base painted black before sealing with clear lacquer.

I will probably paint the grab handle on the seats silver at some point (you snap off the ones you don’t want as you only want one on the centre gangway end.)

All I have to do now is paint enough of them up to make a complete carriage. I’m hoping to get better with a paint brush as I go!

By the way, I forgot to say that to print that decal sheet it took nearly a third of a tank of colour printer ink!