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Richard S

Time to fit the windows.

If you remember I made the windows way back before I glued on the frames. I’m glad I numbered them back then which made it easier now to match them up with the holes. They needed a little extra fettling to make them fit as there is now some paint to make the holes smaller.

To attach them I used Microscale ‘Micro Kristal Klear’ which goes on milky like PVA but dries clear. It can be used either as a glue, or teased across smaller windows to make the glass itself. As the window pains are a tight fit I just use a little bit around the corners to hold them in.

Now I was hoping that doing this would help stick the window frames in better, but I still had issues with a couple coming loose, so rather than use super glue which will make the window panes haze over, just used a bit more of the Micro Kristal to reattach them.