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Richard S

I have a choice of bogies.

The ones that come with the original coach are OK, but not overly detailed, and would need the axles replacing anyway.

I have a set of B4 bogies from easybuild


and a set from Floyd Kraemer.

The black easy build bogies are definitely as the name suggests easier to build. (the bearing caps aren’t glued on in these photos)

Floyd’s grey 3d printed ones are I would say more detailed, having brake pads and more underside detail. The axles are actually easy build ones which can be purchased separately.

Easybuild do say they didn’t bother with the brake pads as you will be hard pressed to see them once the coach is on the track.

I have found the 3d printed parts to be more fragile, and you may be able to see a slight bowing to the frame which I think happens as it cools/sets. The couple of nits of plasticard are rested on the top as spacers to bring that bogie up to the correct height.